i = E = MC2

Research panel
Formula symbols
in works of art by
Dieter W. Liedtke

June 2024

Nobel Prize nominations in six categories

-Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Economics, Literature and Peace-

As an expert and scientist on the Liedtke Art Research Panel, I nominate the artist Dieter Walter Liedtke for the Nobel Prizes in all six categories. I realise that it is a first in Nobel Prize history for a researcher, inventor or artist to be nominated in all Nobel Prize categories. However, concerns about the state and development prospects of the world’s population and the halting of results in basic research have prompted me to take this step. The nomination enables the findings from the artworks in the exhibition: New Renaissance i = E = MC2 and the new areas of research presented by the artist Dieter Liedtke to reach the scientific community. The aim is to stimulate empirical, evident studies that provide new insights, independent of politics, to shape the world without humanistic lows and centuries-long aberrations and diversions in a timely, ethical manner and for the benefit of all people and their environment.
Dieter Liedtke’s artworks, whose revolutionary statements were confirmed by research decades later, convinced me that his work should be recognised in all Nobel Prize categories. Despite intensive research and study of his works, theories and formulae, both in scientific research and in philosophy and art history, I could find nothing even remotely comparable. As a co-signing scientific reviewer, I am convinced that Dieter Liedtke’s works of art, theories and formulae should be made known to the widest possible public. They make a pictorial contribution to promoting creativity in society and inspiring more people to engage with research findings, to understand them in order to further develop the world sustainably, ethically and exponentially, including the swarm creativity of science and humanity bundled with AI.

We hereby nominate the artist Dieter Walter Liedtke for all six Nobel Prize categories: Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Economics, Literature and Peace.

There are numerous outstanding Nobel Prize-worthy achievements by Dieter Walter Liedtke.

Here are some of them that are already emerging today:


  • The development of the formula i = E = MC 2 or i = E (i =M) which unites quantum physics with the general theory of relativity,
  • the discovery that direct democracy is a law of nature in the universe,
  • the discovery of haemological evolution, which links astrophysics with physics, biology and idealism,
  • the clarification of dimensions and the introduction of the dimension zero,
  • the application of the triangle with inner information field including creativity (change or information) and evolution of information, energy and matter with the energy in the vacuum space for information networking,
  • the discovery that the natural laws of direct democracy under the decision- making of evolution under the law of conservation of energy and information can be represented and calculated with the laws of the geometry of triangles and their inner consensus innovation field.


  • The application of haemological evolution through information to explain chemical processes,
  • the application of the principle of direct democracy to chemical processes and to chemistry,
  • the application of the formula i = E to chemical processes,
  • The application triangle with an inner information field, including creativity and evolution as new reactions in chemistry as a new explanatory model, which results in the networking of the individual parts leading to a new property in chemistry.


  • The development and conception of ethical capitalism,
  • pension system based on a work of art,
  • the artwork exchange with artworks backed by crypto coins,
  • the artwork return guarantee,
  • the Artinvest app
  • the strategy and concept for realising a creative ethical society,
  • the application of the formula i = E = MC 2 and the triangle with inner information field, taking into account creativity and evolution in economics.


  • The development of a free health and cell rejuvenation app,
  • the transfer of the innovation formula i = E to applications in medicine,
  • the use of the triangle to rejuvenate the body’s cells,
  • the study and the book aimeim-Zellverj├╝ngung durch Information.


  • The development of the Hegel- Liedtke graphic art formula,
  • the book “Information – The Principle of Creation”,
  • the curation of the art exhibitions “Kunstformel”, “art open” and “New Renaissance i = E = MC┬▓”,
  • the exhibition catalogue New Renaissance i= E = MC 2
  • the transfer of the art formula to all artistic disciplines as well as to biology, evolution, the natural sciences, medicine and the humanities,
  • the application of the triangle with the inner information field, including creativity and evolution
  • the discovery that the natural law of direct democracy can be applied to social systems if all information, as in the universe with Natural Intelligence, is presented unadulterated, mentally unbarriered for decision-making and the evolution of societies. With free access to creativity and information and the protection and promotion of the individual, minorities and nature, the laws of
    the geometry of triangles and their inner consensus innovation field with evident artificial intelligence can be used to mentally process and present the information for decision-making in direct democracy without barriers and to build fairer, evolutionary and free social systems in ethical capitalism for people and nature.


  • The planning and construction of Globalpeace Campus centres
  • the creation of a common, cross-religious image of God of species-preserving Natural Intelligence, based on scientific and theological research in which all religions are reflected
  • the theory of haemological evolution abolishes the dogmas of religion and proves God’s (or Natural Intelligence’s) species-preserving and ethical evolutionary mission to man, nature and the universe through information,
  • the theory of direct democracy between religions that promotes the preservation of peace,
  • the transfer of the innovation formula to social systems and religions,
  • to introduce the application of the Triangle of Natural Intelligence, including human rights, to faith communities
  • Development and curation of the global travelling exhibition: New Renaissance i = E = MC 2 on five continents in 12 museums,
  • the promotion of peace between religions through the creation of a religious constitution with 23 articles based on human rights,
  • the creation of a peace broadcasting channel for human rights and religions for videos recorded by believers and artists themselves, with oaths in which they publicly promise to stand up for human rights, life and nature and to contribute to the promotion of creativity, sustainable prosperity and peace in the world through evidence-based information.

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