from US$490

(+) from US$490

“Liedtke is the first artist in almost five centuries to achieve art and research results
of the highest quality on the basis of the process of conducting scientific research
with the help of art and philosophy, a process that has been lost since the

Dr Thomas Föhl 2005

Art historian/ Member of the Board of Directors of the Museums of the Weimar Art Collection
Lender of a Rubens for the Liedtke Kunstformel exhibition art open 1999

Art enthusiasts have the opportunity to purchase signed and limited Liedtke art prints from USD 490 as well as art-historically certified original works from USD 100,000 including Artinvest certificates with art-historically documented innovation ratings from BB to AAA+ online.

Only 139 Liedtke art originals released.
Dieter Liedtke, who also designed the Liedtke Museum on Mallorca and the Globalpeace Campus, is launching the sale of his works in the Liedtke Gallery online. These transactions are unique and a novelty in the art market, as the art-historically secured innovations of his works are documented by a Blockchain Artinvest certificate. The Liedtke art prints and original works – of which only 706 original works exist, 350 of which are part of the travelling art exhibition New Renaissance i = E = MC2 and are owned by the Evolutution Art Museum Trust and are not for sale. Of the remaining 356 Liedtke works, 139 are now
available for sale.

An Artinvest certificate with a BB to AAA+ art rating is issued for each work with regard to the innovations and levels of innovation in the work. With this art valuation, a profit guarantee of up to 300% of the purchase price can be concluded with the Artinvest Trust, with the participation of internationally renowned trustees (art auction houses, banks or fiduciary auditors) by the artwork buyer for the work, so that the work also serves as a secured art capital investment with a high return.

“Just as da Vinci’s works on aerodynamics, anatomy or statics are of corresponding value
today as world cultural heritage, as they bear witness to the efficiency of a mind that was far ahead of its time, Dieter W. Liedtke’s works will also increase in value in line with the dissemination of their content.”

Dr Herbert Jost-Hof

Cultural scientist, art theorist and author

With a value of 1.3 billion US dollars, a Liedtke work is the most valuable work of art in the world.
This outstanding innovative work is the first to surpass the billion-dollar mark. With its unrivalled and documented art historical AAA+ certified blockchain valuations of innovation and innovation levels, this Liedtke work is a profit and return oriented capital investment in art.
The value of the work is confirmed by art appraisals by internationally renowned art historians. The world’s most expensive work of art can be purchased online in the Liedtke Gallery with the participation of internationally renowned trustees (art auction houses, banks or fiduciary auditors) as well as with Artinvest profit guarantees and international bank company or insurance guarantees.

In Liedke, Leonardo, Hegel, Einstein and Beuys are combined into one person.
The artist Liedtke is also described by scientists as a symbiosis of Leonardo da Vinci, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Albert Einstein and Joseph Beuys that has not yet existed in history. (See also the “Expertise” on Liedtke’s works)

Empirical scientific studies on the innovations in the plants
The insights and innovations from Liedtke’s artworks have been confirmed by independent empirical studies by internationally renowned research institutions as well as Nobel Prize winners, the UN and the World Bank, decades after Liedtke’s work was created, causing the prices of his works to continue to rise. These studies document that his works, decades ahead of their time, are among the most innovative and valuable works of art of the highest creative quality that art history has ever produced. (see also the documentation on Liedtke’s work innovations under “Studies”).

Art collection
The New Renaissance i = E = MC exhibition2 is the world’s most innovative and valuable art collection in terms of art history. The 350 Liedtke works in the world art exhibition “New Renaissance i = E = MC²” are not for sale and secure the Artinvest profit guarantees. The exhibition is loaned to selected partner museums by the non- profit “Evolution Art Museum Trust”.

The exhibition also includes the ten most valuable Liedtke key works in art history, which have a certified art-historical value of 13 billion US dollars and are available to the Artinvest Trust Uruguay for its guarantees. Liedtke developed this new method of art capitalisation in the spirit and on behalf of Beuys. Liedtke thus completes the work of Beuys, who said: “Everyone is an artist” and that “art = capital” and that everyone can transform art and creativity into capital and freedom. Liedtke’s collection of 350 works from the art exhibition New Renaissance i = E = MC2 thus fulfils Beuys’ twofold mission and serves as an extended foundation for the first artwork guarantee “Artinvest”, in Beuys’ sense, with a global “art exchange” to be set up online, as well as a travelling exhibition for a new ethical era in which everyone
has access to art, creativity, health and prosperity.

Crypto Art-Coin holdings democratise the New Renaissance collection i = E = MC2 and Art-Coin holders can participate in art-historically secured and certified works of art. Liedtke’s aim is to enable and secure better wealth creation and distribution among the population through small, fragmented Art Coin artwork shares in artworks of exceptional art quality with guaranteed and high profits, in the high price increases of artworks and art collections as well as the capitalisation of creativity. With Liedtke, Beuys, his art and the appreciation of the value of creativity for artists and artisans has also arrived in the breadth of society or social sculpture.

Liedtke’s works are characterised by an unprecedented level of innovation of outstanding scientific, philosophical and art-historical quality. With his works, he introduced a philosophy of consciousness and, through his holistic information theory, abolished dualism with the separation of mind and matter. His works also prove that idealism, innovation, i.e. information, is the basis of all existence and evolution.

“Dieter Walter Liedtke’s Concrete Evolutionism opens up a new revolutionary world to the viewer. He shows how matter, which was previously only the object and medium of artistic representation, could in turn perceive its surroundings. This information has a consciousness-expanding function.”

Prof Karl Ruhrberg, Cologne

Director of the Museum Ludwig (Cologne) President of the International Association of Art Critics
(German Section, AICA) Advisor to the art open art exhibition /Essen

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Harald Szeeman – Dieter Liedtke

“The positive energy of the inventor-artist and Leonardo da Every exhibition visitor can learn more about the works of Dieter Liedtke, the “Vinci of contemporary art”. His works, theories and concepts are revolutionary, contagious and show the arts and sciences new paths to a humane society.”

Prof Dr Harald Szeemann

Art historian and director of the Documenta (1972),
Biennale de Lyon (1997) Biennale di Venezia (1999 and 2001)
Collaborator and consultant for the Liedtke art open art formula exhibition (see Wikipedia)

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Michael Gorbachev in a letter to Dieter Liedtke

Dieter Liedtke – Michael Gorbatchow

“I hope that your pioneering approach will contribute to a wider direct acquaintance
of many people with art. I think it is a particularly important and noble task in our time.”

Michael Gorbachev

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Patron of Liedtke’s World Art Exhibition 1999