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A creative network
Let us consider the relevance of this new information: any form of change, movement, position, energy, charge, energy waves, light, of atomic nuclei, electrons in atoms, elementary particles, planets,
galaxies, space, time, gravity and the genes of a living being, or even a new or even a new idea or measurement in the universe, represents a new information or creativity at the consciousness level of the universe. On the definition of consciousness in the universe: It is very likely a self probably a self-sustaining and for all forms of existence species-sustaining, creation networking programme on the information level of the dimension dimension “ZERO”, in symbiosis with the information of the dimensions “ONE to THREE” of a postulated universe consciousness, with for us
tangible, measurable, creative “Natural Intelligence” (NI).

A formula that explains the universe
Top researchers in the natural sciences are working tirelessly on this, to unravel the mystery of an all-encompassing world formula. Despite intensive efforts, they have not yet found a formula that captures the universe in all its complexity. One reason for this could be the possible misinterpretation of the fundamental parameters in the consideration of dimensions. I am convinced that neither string theory
string theory nor the addition of hypothetical space-time dimensions bring us any closer to a verifiable world formula. Furthermore, it is essential to integrate creation and evolutionary processes into a formula that that adequately represents our universe.

The dimension “zero”.
A look into Plato’s world of ideas. Although a plausible world formula is based on on the three known dimensions, but before this trinitarian structure I propose the introduction of a dimension called “zero” – an unlimited dimension. From a perspective of infinity, we begin to we begin to gradually deconstruct the boundaries of our known universe from the third to the first dimension. This opens us up to an
infinite dimension of the universe as well as a free thinking and frees us from the limitations of the first to third dimension. This dimension “zero” represents an infinite source of information and should be
be taken into account in scientific research. Only through the addition of the first, second and third dimensions do definable limits and and third dimensions that our sensory organs can define and measure. An understanding based purely understanding of the universe based purely on the third dimension leaves deeper insights unexplored. The “zero” dimension, which serves as the foundation for an expanded view of an infinite universe full of information full of information, creativity and infinite possibilities, creates a revolutionary perspective on our existence.

A holistic universe
In art-theoretical models, the essential creative information of dimension zero lies information of dimension zero lies in the timeless and spaceless plane of the consciousness of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen experiment (EPRE) of entangled elementary particles. The information is simultaneously present everywhere present everywhere in the universe. Let us stay in the starting point of dimension zero,
(the creation level) of scientific research, we will learn the universe in its we will learn to fully understand the universe in its depth and be able to shape the world more ethically. We must therefore emphasise the importance of the new dimension zero as the basis for a new, more comprehensive view of the universe and the information it contains, creativity and infinite possibilities. In the theoretical model of artworks, the pure creative or creative information of the creative information of dimension zero is located in the timeless and spaceless consciousness level of the EPRE.

In dimension zero, information is simultaneously present everywhere in the universe at the same time and together with new information emerging in the materialised universe; new space, time and the change of viewpoints change of viewpoints, dark energy, dark matter, energy and mass, planets, galaxies and mass, planets, galaxies, the universe and life as well as an unlimited evolution in all dimensions and forms of existence -a haemological evolution- which creates a relative time for all points and movements in the universe, solving the information paradox the information paradox of black holes is solved and the lifetime limitation of of the human being through targeted information programmes and generators by
rejuvenation of the cells.

Natural intelligence