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Title: Leonardo-Liedtke

4.000.000,- US$

Liedtke Works/Collections
With the collection of the ten most important key diptych works in the history of art history, which have an estimated value of around 13 billion US dollars and guaranteed by the Global Evolution Museum Trust to the Artinvest Trust Uruguay as a guarantee, the artist has created new ways of thinking. These These works serve as the foundation for the first global art exchange, in which artworks and collections are democratised by means of coin holdings. The aim is to better wealth creation and distribution within the population through by investing in works of art with guaranteed profits.

The 350 original works by Dieter Liedtke presented in the exhibition “New
Renaissance i = E = MC²” form the most valuable and expensive art collection in the world, as together they open up a new level of evolution in the history of mankind. These works are not for sale and are made available for exhibitions by the Global Evolution Museum Trust.

Art lovers have the opportunity to purchase Liedtke prints under USD 500 and 139 original works from the ten series of works in the “New Renaissance i = E = MC²” exhibition online at the Liedtke Gallery for USD 100,000 or more. These transactions are unique, as they can serve as a capital investment secured by a Blockchain Artinvest certificate and with a profit guarantee.

The world’s most expensive Liedtke artwork, which at a price of USD 1.1 billion was the first work of art to exceed the billion-dollar mark, can also be purchased online from the Liedtke Gallery with the involvement of internationally renowned trustees who will handle the purchase securely.
The findings from Liedtke’s artworks have all been confirmed by independent empirical studies conducted by internationally renowned research institutions as well as Nobel Prize winners, the UN and the World Bank, decades after Liedtke’s work was published (see the studies in the appendix). These studies document that his works, decades ahead of his time, are among the most innovative and valuable works of art that art history has produced to date.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Michael Gorbachev in a letter to Dieter Liedtke:
(Photo Gobi -Liedtke)

“I hope that your pioneering approach will contribute to a wider direct acquaintance of many people with art. I think it is a particularly important and noble task in our time.”

Michael Gorbachev

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Patron of Liedtke’s world art exhibition 1999

Liedtke’s works are characterised by an unprecedented level of innovation of outstanding scientific, philosophical and art-historical quality. quality. With his works, he introduces a philosophy of consciousness and, through his holistic theory of information, overturns the dualism dualism with the separation of mind and matter. Furthermore, he proves in his that idealism, innovation, i.e. information, is the basis of all existence and evolution of all existence and evolution.

The philosopher Niklas Luhmann:
(Photo Luhmann/ Liedtke)

“Dieter Liedtke’s insights and works of art require the construction of an
observer, namely God, for whom time as the totality of all points in

time is is the present.”

Prof Niklas Luhmann, 1996

Social philosopher and systems theorist, honorary doctorates from the universities of
Ghent, Macerata, Bologna, Recife, Guadalajara, Lecce, Leuven and Trier. 1997: Amalfi Prize.
2000: Renaming of the Städtisches-Gymnasium Oerlinghausen to Niklas-Luhmann-Gymnasium.
Advisor to Dieter Liedtke for the Weltkunst Formel exhibition art open (see Wikipedia)

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