+ Luxery Loft 3

10% – 13% property yield
on the equity paid in
property Increase in value

Green smart
Luxery Loft-Apartments

Apartment Picasso………….900 000,- US$

Globalpeace Campus: Paradise Uruguay

Individual luxury.
The design furnishings and the interior designer’s individual photorealistic furnishing proposals
for the luxury loft flat are included in the purchase price.

Interior designer
The luxury loft flat will be completely furnished by our interior designer with limited edition
original graphic artworks from the Liedtke Gallery, our designer furniture and furnishing collection
of antique furnishings selected and proposed by us, with high-quality linen, crockery and cutlery
of the customer’s choice, ready for occupancy.

Photorealistic preview
A photorealistic preview of the furnished luxury loft flat provides the customer with the best
decision-making aids for a unique, individualised living experience. Additional furnishing
requests, original works of art or antiques selected by the customer are charged separately.

The special art consultation
Buyers of the luxury loft flats in the Globalpeace Campus can receive an appointment with one
of the directors of the Liedtke Gallery in English and purchase a special art-historically and
“Artinvest” certified original work of art from the artist Dieter Liedtke, whose appreciation in value
can be guaranteed.

Apartment Michelangelo Sweet Junior 50sqm
490 000,-US$
Aparment Raffael Sweet 1 Bettrom 67 qm
600 000,-US$
Apartment Picasso Sweet 2 Bettrom 90sqm
900 000,- US$
Apartment Pollock Loft/ 3 Bettrom
1500 000,- US$
Apartment Leonardo Loft 4 Beetroms
2,2 Mio,- US$

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