Property ownership
in the Globalpeace Campus
on a crypto blockchain basis
with yield
Guarantee Real Estate Coin token

The safe, uncomplicated way to acquire shares
in luxery peace property
Green smart luxury properties

Luxery Loft-Apartment Michelangelo Sweet Junior 50sqm
490 000,-US$

The Guarantee Real Estat Coin token GERC.
The global secure, uncomplicated blockchain investment in sustainable real estate with an annual rental yield of approx. 10-13% from Globalpeace Campus completion.

The luxury loft flat Michelangelo at a price of US$ 490,000 is divided into 49,000 GERC at US$ 10 each.

Location – Location – Location

Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, India, Middle East, North America, Oceania, South-America, Southern Europe

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