Coin Safe
Tres Guarantee Coins in One

  1. Property shares with returns
  2. Business participation: Cell rejuvenation app
  3. Works of art with value appreciation + expert opinion

Real Estat Coin 10,-US$

Luxery Loft Apartment Michelangelo 490.000,-US$ im
Globalpeace Campus Uruguay 49.000 Garantie Real Estat
Coins -GREC- with US$ 10 each

Life Coin 5,-US$

Participation with 50% of the share capital in the start-up company Aimeim SAS Punta de Este Uruguay ………./ which is divided into 50 million CRC Coins at US$ 5 each. The value of the society is calculated at 250 million US dollar. Planned presentation of the first aimeim app with cell degradation tests in 2027

Life Coin-Tokens at 5,- US$ each

Art Coin 10,-US$

Participation in the art collection with 103 works by Dieter Liedtke from the Series of works for the World Art Exhibition: New Renaissance i = E = MC2 with Guarantee Art Coin-Tokens at US$ 10 each.
The value of the revolutionary Liedtke art collection is estimated at around US$ 1000 million according to the Artinvest appraisal. Only 10 million AGPC at 10US$ each will be issued.

1 Coin Safe = 25,-US$

RealEstat Coin 10,-US$ + Life-Coin 5,-US$ + ArtCoin 10,-US$

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