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aimeim SAS

Crypto Coin Basis
Shares of
the start-up cell rejuvenation company aimeim
SAS Uruguay via the
Cell Research Participation Coin

to acquire

The start-up company Aimeim SAS in Uruguay
is the first company to launch a free
rejuvenation app with a social network
platform under the name for cell
rejuvenation and health promotion in 2026.

The app works through individually tailored to the user.

Introductory offer: 1 CRCC Coin = 5,-US$

The CRCC coins are limited to 20 million.
Planned presentation of the first aimeim app with cell degradation tests in 2026

Life Coin capital investment

With the acquisition of the GRC the acquirer through blockchain number co-owner of the shares of aimeim tarised in the Coin Garantie Trust. The Life Guarantee Coin

Blockchain numbers of the shareholdings are entered with their participation share numbers in the trust register of the

The Coin Garantie Trust is firmly linked to the shares and profit expectations of aimeim SAS by a notarised contract.
The price of the Life Garantie Coin is secured by the value of the start-up aimeim SAS and its appreciation in value.
The return is calculated on the basis of the increase in value of the aimeim SAS shares and the expected profits of the
start-up company. From 100,000 Life Guarantee CRCC Coins, these can be used as loan collateral for the purchase of
property, works of art and coins. All investments acquired by us can be securely exchanged in blockchain through
international trustees and notaries on the “Change global” platform across countries and language borders

Participation offer

The business idea for the aimeim app is a global platform for ethical products and services that does not
use cocies and does not sell or otherwise pass on any customer data. The data of the users of the aimeim app is blockchain secured and secret.

An AI-supported health guide for natural medicine and conventional medicine in direct comparison rounds off the health service for users of the aimeim app in over 100 languages.

The start-up share company aimeim SAS in Uruguay …………………………… has transferred 49% of its shares to the Coin Garantie Trust in Uruguay in order to raise capital through the sale of the participation guarantee coin tokens for programming and to generate further research for the free cell rejuvenation app. The 49% of aimeim SAS is valued at only US$ 100 million, which is divided into 20 million coin tokens of US$ 5 each.


It is possible to exchange Garatie Coin tokens on the Change global platform for other coin tokens, real estate or works of art.
Only the registration number of the coin token identifies the owner, which is why the ABC + Life Guarantee Coin Token must be stored securely.
The aimeim research institute with cell rejuvenation clinic is being built at the Globalpeace Campus in Uruguay, for which a plot of land has been acquired at Panarama Ruete 39 in Uruguay near Aigua.
Until the aimeim app has been finalised, it is not possible to make any return payments through advertising placements.

Location – Location – Location

Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, India, Middle East, North America, Oceania, South-America, Southern Europe

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