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The safe, uncomplicated participation in the art collection with 103 works by Dieter Liedtke from the 10 work series: New Renaissance i = E = MC2 with Guarantee Art Privat Coin tokens at US$ 10 each.

The GAP Coins are limited to 10 million coins.
The art collection of 103 Liedtke artworks, for which a Liedtke Museum is being built in Uruguay at the Globalpeace Campus, has an art-historical Artinvest appraisal value of around 1 billion US dollars.

Evolution Museum of Art Innovations of Peoples and Mankind

Evolutionary museum of innovations in art history in true-to-scale form of Albert Einstein’s skull plate

Liedtke Museum and Gallery
in Puerto de Andratx Building sculpture

The building was designed and built by Dieter Liedtke in 1988 – 1992 in the shape of a brain as a homage to Michelangelo’s God the Father mantle in the Sistine Chapel.

With the price increases of art
and the 103 works Collection
of the new
Leonardo da Vinci

Liedtke’s holistic work innovations, which established his name in art history and in the media as a successor to Leonardo da Vinci, Hegel, Einstein or Beuys in one person, are a novelty in history.

Art historian on Liedtke’s outstanding position in art history:

“Dieter Liedtke’s artworks have a mind-expanding function. They open up a new world for the viewer, art historian and researcher.”

Karl Ruhrberg Dieter Liedtke

Prof. Karl Ruhrberg
Art historian and art book author former director of the Museum Ludwig Cologne
President of the International Association of Art Critics (German Section, AICA). Advisor and collaborator of the Liedtke art open art formula exhibition (see Wikipedia

Harald Szeeman Dieter Liedtke

“Every visitor to the exhibition can experience the positive energy of the inventor artist and Leonardo da Vinci of contemporary art, Dieter Liedtke, through his works. His works, theories and concepts are revolutionary, infectious and show art and science new paths to a humane society.”

Prof Dr Harald Szeemann
Art historian and director of the Documenta (1972),
Biennale de Lyon (1997) Biennale di Venezia (1999 and 2001)
Collaborator and consultant for the Liedtke art open art formula exhibition (see Wikipedia)

                                                           Nillas Luhmann                                                 Dieter Liedtke
Nillas Luhmann Dieter Liedtke

Dieter Liedtke’s insights and works of art require the construction of an observer, namely God, for whom time as the totality of all points in time is present.”

Prof. Dr. Niklas Luhmann
Employees and consultants of Dieter Liedtke and the art exhibition art open
Social philosopher and systems theorist Honorary doctorates from the universities of
Ghent, Macerata, Bologna, Recife, Guadalajara, Lecce, Leuven and Trier. 1997: Amalfi Prize.
2000: The Oerlinghausen municipal grammar school is renamed Niklas-Luhmann-Gymnasium.
(see Wikipedia)

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