Aparment Raffael Sweet 1
Gebäude-Skulptur Libro

Apartment Raffael Sweet Junior Bettrom 67qm 600 000,- US$

Order option 10%

With 10% option payment to the notary’s account with escrow processing by an international auditing company. Final payment of the purchase price with the notarised purchase contract against registration of the purchased property in the Uruguay Cartaster Property Register The option is valid until the building permit is granted and must be completed 3 months after the building permit is granted – otherwise the option expires and the seller can retain the option money of 10% of the purchase price – with a purchase contract for the property and against payment of a further 20% of the purchase price. The seller irrevocably assures the buyer that he can finalise the platinum financing offer with the conclusion of the purchase contract for the financing of the 70% remaining purchase price and with the purchase contract for the property. The Platinum Financing offer is limited to the first 100 buyers of properties in the Globalpeace Campus Uruguay.

The Platinum Offer
With 30% equity on the property purchase price and 0.7% interest 10 for years fixed and with flexible ethical amortisation: from 50% of the annual net return and 50% annual payment of the rental return with an annual rental contract of 10 months including the season per year (and 2 months own use by the buyer) to the general management society. With Platinum financing, no further collateral is required for the mortgage of 70% of the purchase price.

Payment instalments according to certified construction phases
The remaining 70 % of the purchase price will be paid by the buyer or released to the bank in the following percentage instalments – according to the certified construction stages of the architect and the auditor-trustee of the building in which the property is located and under construction:

The property option is finalised upon receipt in the notary’s escrow account.