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Direct Democracy 2014 -2020

Going back to our ten millennia of history, it is proven;

More people = more human rights,
more freedom, more prosperity, more health and more life time and more information, more knowledge.

So far under capitalism we have adapted people to the way machines work for profit from production. As the world population increases, we are adapting robots, which will write their own programs in the future, to people through innovation. In the future, work will be organized individually in such a way that each person will be able to live a meaningful life in the country of his or her choice, in dignity, prosperity and health.

The connection of creativity, education and democracy and a second enlightenment was shown in numerous studies and I repeat these research results because I am of the opinion; that the way to a positive future with more lifetime, creativity and education in the population also refutes the advanced argument of some ruling classes; the population is not capable of self-organization through a direct democracy.

It is forgotten here, that already with the publication of the possibility of the direct democracy at the same time high, artificially from the outside with the help of the media, into our brains by fear synapse mutations erected intelligence borders and powerlessness feelings, by liberty solutions and personal responsibility are diminished, which lead out of the IQ reducing fear permanent loops and in addition:

a. Are the publications and discussions about the effects of fears and thought blockades reducing these fears. The population learns to protect itself from overdrawn, not real fears and the thinking paralyzing information and to weight these again in their meaning and real fear scale for itself, not to ignore these again evaluated, information but if it is possible and necessary or assistance for the concerning can be organized, holistic Mitwelt solutions over the swarm intelligence of humans in fear dissolving democratic processes to find.

b. The neurobiologically and epigenetically effective fear-, creativity- and IQ-brain-locks (which are supposed to warn of real dangers, genetically programmed, can be misused to control populations to IQ-reduction anti-democratically to thinking-fear-rigidity) turned into the brain by the media are lifted again with the sovereign- and creativity-formula of the creativity-processes in art, declared innovations or solutions for problems by the mirror-neurons and information-bypasses in the neuronal networking of the brain. That is the today's scientifically known (also epigenetically effective) neuro-brain miracle of the evolution by cognition information for the self- and species preservation: The media and authority believer, four-year powerless, by Fake News and lobbyism dominated becomes by creativity-generated cross-linking formation (in the threefold sense) the active, creatively thinking democrat and sovereign of a direct democracy.

It is also forgotten by the opponents of direct democracy that the population blockchain secured; Robots, sustainable future, creativity,health,freedom,education and ethics programs, cost and tax reduction programs and allgoryhtms to optimize the best election proposals and election decisions from the population and with BIG Data and their translation into action plans and legislative proposals, without party-linked politicians and lobbying can be used for voting by the people, from dehnen the selected (Open Sours to the development and voter supervision) for election programs and questions (for the conversion of by universities produced six pro and contra fact films to respective election question) to the votes, after sighting of the six fact films, with a citizen election license freigegen.

The income and wage tax will be abolished. The tax system will be changed to Ethical Balances (see Ethical Capitalism) according to the polluter pays principle of damages and to pure consumption taxes. Citizens who are cognitively healthy and cannot or will not participate in elections will pay 10% tax on their annual income in the election year, as they do not participate in the democratic process of elections and impose their own decision-making as democrats on their fellow citizens.

Free, secret and direct elections
Claim your human rights with direct democracy!

Nuevo proyecto 50

The negative regional, nationwide and global developments can only be countered on the same levels with ethical ideas and on the ground of constitutions and laws and thus open a positive future for all people through an issue direct democracy.

Vote by secret ballot if you and your children want to live in a free world in health and prosperity for all people.

Choose through Direct Democracy that the monopolies of surveillance capitalism are dissolved by laws, the mega data of social networks and intelligence agencies are released end-personalized for ethical idea development as well as that a use of the subconscious by data predictions of surveillance capitalism does not lead to the reduction of intelligence and IQ, of personality, freedom, creativity, health, lifetime, democracy, financial freedom and ethical development possibilities and freedoms of persons, groups or peoples can be used and that surveillance capitalism must change into an ethical capitalism for the benefit of all people through laws.

The direct election of topics
Three scientifically verified fact-check films pro and three fact-check films contra, five minutes each, on the election topic will be presented by the topic panel in the media and social media.

Your vote
Vote for the Issue Direct Election System, which uses hired expert managers to fill government positions. In the topic direct democracy, no parties or politicians are elected, but the sovereign voter votes on the selected and presented election topic via election app

The elections are secret, secure and non-manipulable using the blockchain process.

Register for the free direct democracy mobile app in over 100 languages so you can decide on a sustainable nature and ethical future in health and dignity for you and your family and with all people about your life and freedom.

The election app collects and unites issue- direct democracy voters
until regional, statewide or global democratic majorities emerge for Issue Direct Democracy at the five levels. Be sovereign and connect in the social network- with freedom-thinking people of the topics direct democracy, build friendships and exchange ideas.

Choose how you want to live the election app to find new friends for a better life.


botin app

If everyone finds 4 friends, we will exponentially have the democratic majority in a short time and can demand the observance of human rights and a sustainable further development of capitalism.

Already with seven percent

voters, you can improve the world.

Think of how fast a social network can grow in 4 years.

Social Network

We can only respond to negative and global challenges ethically, positively globally and in nation states.

The Sovereign Global Trust (TSG Trust)
The TSG Trust (in formation) is not a political party, ideology or religion, but a globally working grassroots movement that advocates in all countries for an ethically designed sustainable environment and co-environment in the nation states and helps, through the "swarm intelligence software programs of the creativity of humanity", according to the evolved culture of each country to accompany an optimal and ethical life in freedom, dignity and self-determination on the path to a better future for the people of the country in a Direct Democracy.
Demand a thematic Direct Democracy, the respect of human rights and the evolution of capitalism:


Vote now in the thematic Direct Democracy
and you will get the model of society guaranteed by the Basic Law, or in the constitutions of the countries, if enough people in your country are of your opinion.

Not more state, but less state with less laws and regulations and some sustainable co-world framework lead to a better future.

Become active for your freedom and the freedom of all people!

Direct democracy is that simple
Vote with the global direct election app and connect via the social network: with people who care about a new ethical world in peace, freedom, health and prosperity for all people. Exchange ideas with them and create a more just and free local and global society for you, your children and all people.

Bring your creative suggestions for improvement to the vote and discussion to improve democracy, society, the environment and your fellow world.
The freedom of shaping the world ends where the state, the products or services of companies do not protect and promote the people and a creative sustainable co-world, but limit, damage or reduce the dignity, creativity, freedom, health, IQ, lifetime and prosperity of citizens and the co-world.

The environment and the environment, the human rights and the constitutions mark the path to a new freedom, health, dignity and a life in prosperity for all people.

Claim your right to self-determination, creativity and a life without fear.

We have time, because it works for us
and collect as long as supporters on the voter platform  until population majorities:


have formed for a direct democracy election system, so that after the constitutions and basic laws of the countries the parliamentary democracy can be changed into a direct democracy with an ethical capitalism aligned on humans, environment and nature in each country.

In the meantime, we are leaving the election app as
"the-sovereign App", blockchain-encrypted, developed for secret election voting and programmed for the countries in all prevailing country languages.

"The-sovereign" voting system of the election app is to use the security of blockchain encryption. The yet-to-be-developed election app shall separate voter identification and voting so that voter anonymity is guaranteed.

With the app election program:  we will realize a fairer and more sustainable world that uses AI software as well as the swarm intelligence of the global society to initiate the next, long overdue evolutionary step of social systems and shape the best possible future for people and the environment.


The election questions are not subject to lobby, market, politician media or party influence, as voters are not bundled into parties or voter groups and only meet in the blockchain secured sovereign-election of the election results in the free will of their sovereign answer to the election questions. Further secret security measures are in place to ensure that the ballot questions, elections or voters cannot be influenced or bought with election gifts by lobbyists, parties, media or governments as much as possible. Donations to "The Sovereign Organization" can only be made to Fundacion Liedtke as trustee. Lists of donors' names are not compiled or maintained by Fundacion Liedtke or the organizers of Direct Democracy. Financing or sponsoring of Sovereign Direct Democracy is not possible, as we do not want to allow any influence on the election issues.

Become sovereign and participate. Become sovereign and participate.
Do not leave the shaping of the world's future to lobbyists and governments.

Even if politics gives in through demonstrations,
be warned, be attentive and demand now the direct democracy.
direct democracy.