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The Fundacion Liedtke

            Organizational Department Sovereign

Who is the non-profit Fundacion Liedtke?
Fundacion Liedtke manages, Sovereign Coin income and donations, artwork, and real estate, stocks and assets of donors to implement direct democracies, a global health system app, and build Globalpeace campus centers, and runs the private Sovereign Club to implement a direct democracy.
Fundacion Liedtke's Sovereign Club is not a political party or religion (nor does it seek to become a party or religion) but a grassroots democratic movement of individuals who, regardless of religion, political party affiliation, ideologies, worldview, social, financial or ethnic affiliation, social or educational group orientation, skin color, the sex or age only to factual questions and election topics together meets, in order the concept of an ethical capitalism aligned on humans and nature, with global direct democracy, in the context of the respective national constitutions peacefully and democratically for the well-being of all humans global on-line organized around over a new lasting Mit-Welt in peace, health and prosperity for humans and nature to vote.
For each state a country Sovereign Club shall be founded, which takes into account the culture, the laws as well as the constitutions of the country and the national language/s and which organizes the differentiated election questions for the country with proposed solutions and proposes them to the Sovereign for decision and vote.

The Sovereign Club is not subject to any outside influence, as in the design of the election questions.
Advertisements or sponsorship in the Sovereign Club media are not possible.
The data of Sovereign Coin acquirers or donors are blockchain secured.

The tasks of the Fundacion Liedtke

With the net proceeds from the sale of Sovereign Coin donations, the Fundacion

Liedtke 100% to fund its three main areas of focus to promote an ethical and creatively sustainable world:

a.)         the construction of the direct democracy "The Sovereign".

b.)         the construction of the peace centers "Globalpeace Campus" and the New Renaissance Exhibition: i = E = MC2

c.)         the research and programming of the free health and creativity promotion app: "aimeim" in over 100 languages.