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The Sovereign Social Network

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Sovereign-Star: Social-Network: Videos, movies, photos and texts about topics and election issues with language selection and native language identification for information exchange + friend requests with appointment calendar to get to know each other personally

Sovereign-Fink: Public videocall conference meeting and event call

Sovereign-Falcon: Videocall blockchain and specially secured and tap-proof phone and video with conference calling

Sovereign-Post: Blockchain and specially secured email system

Sovereign-Lark: blockchain and specially secured text, photo, video friendship system of the Sovereign community.

The ethical rules of Sovereign communication systems
Negative information that violates the Media Code, the UN Human Rights Charter, human dignity, glorifies, causes or promotes hatred, violence or bullying and discrimination, or is evidently false as facts, or seeks to limit the freedom of information, creativity, democracy and the development of a sustainable environment and co-environment, or the education of the population will be deleted. The user confirms that he/she will not use the Sovereign communication systems for the listed negative information as he/she may be blocked by the Sovereign Club"as a communication user and as a member, ambassador or secretary general of a country.

Sovereign data security: users and voters remain secret.
All private data of Sovereign users as well as all data of Sovereingn communication systems: Falcon, Post, Fink and Lark remain the proprietary and unrestricted property of the users and will not be sold or shared and are Blockchain protected.

The Blockchain Sovereign Club protects your global independence.

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For the secrecy of Sovereign voters and users, all data can be destroyed without replacement by the operator of the Sovereign network. The user of the Sovereign communication systems hereby and with the use of the Sovereign communication system gives his consent that his data will be irretrievably destroyed (without reimbursement of costs by the operator to restore or recover the data) in case of danger by (e.g. legal changes in the trust state) authorities, governments, hacker attack or third parties, by the operator of the Sovereign network. Your assets and important data will remain safe and blockchain-protected on your cell phone, stick or computer. After the deletion, the user can log in again, as the Sovereign servers are operated at new locations in the event of a risk of election interference, attempted exploration, election question formation, secret ballot or election system under other national laws.

The Social Network Sovereign is without advertisements and cookies
The use of the Social Network Sovereign including the systems: -Falcon, - Lark, -Fink and -Post is free of charge. Registered Social Network Sovereign users will receive a notification after the completion of the secured communication program.

Free registration as a Social Network Sovereign user
Membership in The Sovereign Gobal Trust or as a Direct Democracy voter is not required to use the secured Social Network Sovereign.

This registration is free of charge and secures a place in the Sovereign secure program upon completion:


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