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Information is Virus or Medicine 2003

Information is changing our health and society. Terrorist attacks show us in a frightening way what has been missed in the last centuries. We had to learn that backward-looking creeds and ideologies can lead to evolutionary nothingness, hopelessness, depression and/or aggression.  

For centuries, the prohibition of the pictorial representation of nature and God has been manifested through the interpretation of the Koran, thus establishing a ban on fantasy in sub-areas of the imagination, which, if the religious commandments are interpreted too strictly, brings and brought devastating consequences for the faithful. The effects can be understood if one equates a lifting of the restriction on vision and creativity with a religious transgression and thus transfers the work for the future to God alone. 

Such a transfer of future power to God does not correspond to the development of the world, because in the evolution of consciousness, insights of human beings have contributed to the fact that the development of one's own inner world, of the neuronal network of the human being and of society are always coordinated with the outer world. One could also say that nature, evolution, future power, vision, art and creativity - everything comes from God and thus also the things contributed by humans to the development of the world. A strict separation between God and human beings leads to the well-known disharmonies in believers (reduction of personality, fears, depression, dependencies and aggression) and thus consolidates the power of the powerful through mysticism, as in the Middle Ages in Europe and this led to the persecution and burning of the bringers of knowledge in the Christian world. In the time before the Qur'an and before the fatalistic interpretation of the Qur'an that became widespread later, high cultural and humanistic achievements were produced in the same cultural sphere. Think, for example, of the pyramids, the Library of Alexandria, poetry, astronomy, architecture, mathematics, medicine and the arts. 

A commandment for the people not to be allowed to imagine something unknown to them, evolutionary, things, processes, systems, the future, God, with which they are nevertheless confronted daily, as a need or ritual, or to follow their intuition, blocks their imagination. It leads to dependencies on the state and religion being inherent in the system, since non-imagined, spiritual constructs of the future thus do not arise in the people themselves, but the population is supposed to draw its strength from religion and state leadership - from guidelines and laws given by them. This means that due to the ban on imagination, people cannot create new ideas, images or values for themselves in a backward-looking world, and thus cannot build up contemporary ideals for the future, and this despite the fact that Christ and Mohammed were themselves great visionaries and change-makers.  

Without own and new values, there is no creative and productive shaping of the future. Evolution and prosperity, both for the individual and for society, are only possible with difficulty due to limitations on creativity and vision. The population remains at the developmental stages intended for it, or does not develop according to the natural evolutionary programmes of the genes. It is therefore not surprising that in backward-looking religious systems and ideologies, the reference systems and values of the past are idealised. 

There is a struggle for distribution in today with the values of yesterday. As a consequence of this and out of fear of the new and the foreign, a struggle against the value changers arises who are pushing forward a revolution of consciousness - i.e. promoting a social system oriented towards the future. The phenomenon described above applies to most self-contained ideologies and belief systems. The distance to extreme fatalists, terrorists and neo-Nazis, which is widening through cognition, imagination and shaping the future, contributes to the fact that they exclude themselves from the evolving world and live only in their own world - reacting or acting more and more aggressively and, from our point of view, more and more inhumanly. 

But who, from their fatalistic perception, act in accordance with their religion, their conviction or out of inner necessity and according to God's commandments, as well as from the future and research worlds from which they believe themselves excluded by God's Word (with an interpretation of the restriction of the imagination) and in these worlds of the unbelievers they see their enemy images and therefore want to fight and destroy other religions or world views and their symbols (as the terrorist attacks show).  

This is easily possible because the leadership groups of the power systems (including democratic states), which are linked to religions, ideologies and convictions, prevent and hinder further development, open-mindedness, creativity and evolution to maintain power, both internally (the members of the system) and externally (third parties). Those who do not belong to the narrowest core of the power systems are misguided or intimidated, frightened and their personality development is disturbed by information filters. Those who, against all odds, bring forth new ideas that unite people, create new values and ideals through their creativity, are portrayed as liars or brought to justice as cheats and lawbreakers, isolated from their families and society. In the near future, the educational gap between cultures will not change fundamentally, because even in the Western world, the benefits of decoding art through museums and the media, as well as making decoding art a compulsory subject in schools, protecting creative people through constitutions and brain manipulation through rampant negative media information, have not yet been recognised or stopped by circles clinging to outdated instruments of leadership. 

Precisely in this point, in the almost equal starting position of the Western world, the Orient and the Third World with regard to increasing creativity through improved neuronal networking, lies the possibility that if a formula for creativity were introduced globally through the media with new programmes and content (since it would have to be an optically pictorial - independent of reading, writing and previous education - mediation system), all people could take the same step simultaneously. The extreme excesses, discrepancies and misunderstandings between cultures, religions, ideologies and peoples would be greatly reduced if such a formula of creativity - which should more correctly be called the formula of life or the formula of peace - were introduced. It would represent a great opportunity to raise the level of creativity and intelligence worldwide and to reduce terrorism and the threat of war. 

Creativity and brain blocks until today 
In Europe, we have experienced throughout history that the population's access to knowledge (reading and writing) was prevented by religion coupled with the systems of power. This state of affairs was only broken in the 15th century by Johannes Gutenberg and his invention of printing, which led to the duplication and dissemination of books and thus of knowledge in the world at that time. Statistics show that the privileged people of Europe had around 900,000 books at that time. A century later, thanks to Gutenberg, there were already nine million. Gutenberg made a considerable contribution to breaking down the elitist blockade. 

The dominance of the knowledge administration monopoly continued for a long time, but in the individual territorial states of Germany, the former privilege of being able to read and write only became compulsory at the end of the 18th century through the efforts of the Enlightenment thinkers. Compulsory schooling was introduced in the German-speaking world in Prussia in 1794. But it was not only here, but in most European countries that the literacy of the population began at this time. The aim was also to combat the poverty, ignorance and lethargy of the people and thus to contribute activity and production to the maintenance and improvement of the state. Slowly, the living conditions of the population began to improve, the average life expectancy increased and the infant mortality rate steadily decreased until today. For 200 years now, literacy training, education and learning have contributed to an explosive spread of knowledge and broken the knowledge monopolies described above. 

Today, through all media, a huge flood of information, which we can no longer imagine our lives without, penetrates us daily, making it very difficult for us to distinguish the important from the unimportant. For some highly sensitive people, this leads to abstinence from media information or, if offered or selected incorrectly, to depression, aggression or suicide and, in extreme fatalism, under guidance, to a symbiosis of suicide and aggression. In these disease-promoting or disease-triggering processes, the brain is temporarily or permanently paralysed in large areas by mental or emotional viruses. The negative sources of information also include, in graduated effect, horror films and games or corresponding print products, as well as negatively exaggerated radio, print and TV news and reports that evoke fears in the consciousness of the recipient. It does not correspond to the evolutionary, information-oriented, genetically programmed sense organs of man as well as the neuronal networking of his brain that in his life radius of about 100 km at the most, information of a negative kind and information distorting reality can be implied into the consciousness of the observer, unprepared, as mental viruses and here reduce the neuronal networking in such a way and manipulate it in such a way that it leads to a negative knowledge of the world, so that these people want to bring about their isolation from this negative world, even in a graduated way. The direct reception of information by the sensory organs, which has developed from evolution, is limited to a radius of approx. 100 m of the observer. 

limited. Beyond 400 m, even with the best eyes, we can no longer make out any details. Who in their life has ever seen people mangled within this radius? The gene programming is oriented by the principle of species preservation in such a way that all negative and life-threatening information within the visual field radius is given priority over the possibilities of direct sensory perception in order to be able to take immediate protective measures for itself and for its own species. 

This species-preserving, evolutionary protective instinct is exploited by some media companies and politicians (Hitler's path to power is an object lesson in the use and combination of mental viruses and reprogramming of neural networks) as an intelligence and propaganda media trap. Even at the expense of a negatively developing world, they increase their profits and power by encouraging or even orchestrating crime, extremist and terrorist actions, while at the same time democratically demanding drastic measures and greater power and restriction of constitutionally guaranteed basic human rights in the fight against crime, terror and human rights violation. 

In order to enforce their political demands, global negative information is also transported by multimedia into the face and consciousness field - in the 100m radius - of the recipients and thus a world distorted by fear is installed in their consciousness and neuronal network as reality, which can reduce their intelligence - as studies show - by up to 30% through mutations at the synapses. On the one hand, this negatively exaggerated world does not correspond to the external reality of the field of vision that has developed through evolution; on the other hand, the reduction of intelligence and creativity restricts the ability of the brain-injured person to make judgements. In addition, as confirmed by numerous researches, there are further physical and psychological illnesses caused by fears, depressions and reduction of personality. For this reason, the insidious perpetrators of brain injury remain hidden from the sick person, even through his reduction in intelligence. The annual increase in the number of cases of mental illness, which the World Health Organisation WHO 

published figures on depression sufferers and suicides speak their own language and have been requested from the WHO. In Germany alone, there are 340,000 depression sufferers and over 11,000 suicides a year, not counting the high number of unreported cases that the experts assume. These correlations and effects are revealed by extensive research as well as by the study "Depression 2000" published by the German Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry in Munich: "Empirically secured, with regard to vulnerability and risk factors for depressive illnesses, are, in addition to gender (women have a higher probability of falling ill), in particular: 

Family genetic factors: The likelihood of experiencing depression in the course of life is significantly increased in first-degree relatives of depressive sufferers; different frequencies of the disease in identical and fraternal twins have been proven.  

Neurobiological changes: Disturbances in signal transmission within and between neurons as well as endocrinological influences (e.g. cortisol, melatonin) and disturbances in sleep-wake regulation. Certain dysfunctional cognitive styles, previous anxiety disorders as well as dependence on psychotropics, substances-acute and chronic psychosocial (stress) factors, such as separation, unemployment, life crises, experiences of loss and loneliness, (people living alone or separated show a significantly increased risk of illness) as well as certain chronic physical illnesses (e.g. chronic pain syndromes)." Source: Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich 

The triggering factors of the illness depend on the meanings the sick person gives to the negative cognitions. 

However, this cannot hide the fact that the humus and breeding ground for these mental viruses is prepared by the propaganda media (willing media companies that serve the power structures by generating fear, limiting intelligence and democracy). In addition, all the cause and risk factors listed by the Max Planck Institute can be traced directly or indirectly - confirmed by further studies - back to the media practice prevailing today, as the causative agent. In addition, etiological depression research assumes a multi-causal set of conditions in which genetic, neurobiological, psychological, social and behavioural factors play an equal role. If one superimposes the numerous international, empirically proven research results from the above-mentioned areas and from art history, evolutionary research and the evolutionary theory of cognitive systems in a grid, one obtains a clearly confirming picture of the mental viruses that are - through the propaganda media - implicated, which can constantly mutate through new negative information and thus show different symptoms in the clinical picture. 

The maxim of increasing profits and expanding power through politics and propaganda media does not stop at brain injury of a people. The result is the imprisonment and murder of all kinds of opponents of the regime, wars and the attempt to exterminate entire ethnic groups and peoples (see b).
This phenomenon is illustrated, for example, by the Nazi regime, the era of Stalin or the war against Saddam Hussein and evidenced by the conscious or unconscious assistance of media companies that were brought into line by those in power. Through the scientific work of historians, this phenomenon is presented in a comprehensible way. 

Today, those obsessed with power do not forget that a people that has once survived this spiritual epidemic and recognised the connections is resistant to a renewed spread of this disease. 
In order to prevent this, research studies are ignored, falsified and propagated and used contrary to their results for the pursuit of political goals - with the opposite direction of effect. (Numerous examples can be found in the media in the areas of drugs, disasters, crime, the neo-Nazi movement, xenophobia, education, art and artists, medicine, etc.). The process of impeding the free development of personality through physical injury to the brain can, as studies show, lead to a reduction of an average intelligence quotient (IQ) from 100 to 110 to values below 80. Just think of the well-known fear of exams, which, as fear of the future, can temporarily block parts of the neuronal network. 

The person manipulated by the propaganda media is, as the development of National Socialism in Germany has shown, incapable of making well-considered, political decisions as a voter due to his or her sealed-off creative and intelligence resources (see also Gleichschaltung der Medien, Bücherverbrennung, Entartete Kunst, Propagandafilme). The brain of the wounded can be manipulated by the power-obsessed in this state in such a way that simple, emotionally charged new information instinctively reshapes the neural network of the reduced consciousness (by eliminating or restricting the critical, balancing and creative consciousness network). Transferred to the education of the democratic countries of the western world, according to scientific studies (see Pisa study) regarding the relevant national groups in comparison, adolescents are on average no longer capable of top academic performance (through IQ reduction). The same results are then later reflected in the annual economic data of the country, if the media consumption of negative information is not curbed but further promoted. Apart from a possible development of aggression or depression, the only option open to the intellectually sealed-off media recipient is voluntary forced labour (which in turn gives the mental viruses new strength) or the possibility of uncritically or motivatedly adopting the general direction of society desired by those in power. At the beginning of the 3rd millennium, it is time to include in the constitutions that a system of knowledge, a creative grid of consciousness be trained and established in the population through compulsory education, which would thus strengthen the neuronal network and become especially anchored in it. This would enable humans to selectively and unconsciously pre-filter the flood of evolutionarily important as well as unimportant information that bursts upon them and thus prevent the limitation of intelligence and creativity and at the same time achieve the opposite, namely to automatically promote creativity and intelligence throughout life. Katja Thimm says in the magazine "Der Spiegel":  

 "Every learning process changes the brain" [2]. 

Gerhard Roth, neuroscientist at the University of Bremen and Rector of the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg in Delmenhorst confirms in the same report: 

"Every learning process is accompanied by a change in the brain". 

Visible creativity is species-preserving, it shapes the neural network. Professor of Mathematics and Didactics Gerhard Preiß from the University of Freiburg: 

"While ethics and the law prohibit invasive brain experiments on the humans. But researchers know from animal studies that complex brains learn in a similar way. Comparable processes take place in their heads when they abstract, generalise and break down their environment into categories, such as small and large, loud and quiet. The basic neuronal mechanisms are universal from the sea snail  to the human being. “ 

Learning means anchoring information in the brain in such a way that 

they can be called up at any time. The artist Prof. Joseph Beuys said about a possible tool for developing creativity, intelligence and humanity: 

"In my opinion, art is the only evolutionary force. That is to say, only out of the creativity of man can conditions change." 

Since 1988, the art formula has been an intellectual tool for changing the situation. It enables a generally valid access to creativity and, beyond theory, a graphic-optical way to promote the neuronal creativity network in the brain, which, as a creative consciousness grid, makes creativity perceptible and pre-filters and stores it as cognition. Gerhard Preiß comments on the processes in the brain as follows:  

"The brain has to protect itself from learning too much. Because 
Second by second, an immeasurable number of impressions and perceptions vie for his attention. If they were all stored, the brain would be paralysed within a very short time by a flood of meaningless data rubbish. That's why it has to cope with two difficult tasks above all: Distinguishing between the important and the unimportant and forming categories. 
First, the brain distils out of all the thoughts and ideas, sensory stimuli, sensations and experiences that tiny part that it deems important enough to be stored and remembered in the brain. This extract then has to be sorted. For only for those who are able to recognise the category "apple" in Boskop, Cox Orange and Granny Smith does the world make sense. The enormous work of filtering and sorting is done by the network of around 100 billion nerve cells in the head, which in turn are linked together at a total of around 100 trillion contact points (synapses). Every impression, every stimulus, every circumstance to which a person is exposed changes this finely spun network by strengthening certain neuron connections and weakening others." 

A formula for deciphering art not only establishes a strengthened creation network in the brain, but also pre-filters the information for the consciousness so that the brain is relieved and the insights are prepared (as an apple), made recognisable as creativity, presented. Visible creativity is species-preserving, it shapes the neural network. The synopses developed in childhood up to puberty through given gene programming, new information and species-preserving cognitions and their interconnections are newly formed in adulthood, predominantly through species-preserving cognitions pre-filtered by consciousness. The formula enables imagination and future formation to be fostered by a rapidly expanding neural network for creative performance. An evolving creativity centre and/or network in the brain can be foreseen today. Since our primary sense perception is seeing, the recognition of creativity or art, the selective perception of visual creative changes, creative vision is the most important and effective process of our concrete mental evolution. The process of creativity recognition is created and/or promoted by the species-preserving programming of the genes to the evolutionary motor of consciousness and by the formula. Of course, the gap between people who have comprehended this cognition and established it in their neuronal network is widening at a higher speed and density of cognition, because by recognising changes in today's media diversity, they filter out precisely this information from bread and games that is important for their synapses and network evolution. For the German researcher and anthropologist Friedemann Schrenk, research into this scientific gap could rapidly accelerate the biocultural evolution of humans. The basic principle - the sought-after code - emerges clearly, for all life forms alike, as a species-preserving gene programme that filters the information for species preservation and stores it in the neuronal network. The correlations and the reverse process of mental and physical decay have been described in advance and have been proven by numerous empirically validated studies: 

a) Species-preserving right of way for positive information

b) Drug addiction to negative information through unnatural alteration of the neural network. 

c) Gene-programmed adaptation of the personality to the negative outside world

d) Changing the outside world through one's own deeds, to conform with one's inner insights of one's neural network, up to rampage, racial hatred, anti-Semitism, socialism, communism, capitalism, exploitative colonial or global capitalism, religious fanaticism, terrorism, war or - and this is frequently encountered - quite normal madness. Often these phenomena occur in mixed forms, which can be regional, national or characterisedby a group consciousness, for example.

In this regard, the neurobiologist and researcher Alberto Ferrús from Madrid is looking for the next important step in neurobiology: 

"We would like to find a kind of neural code to understand, for example, how perception is encoded in our brain. Or how we retain a received piece of information in memory: Code: How does the brain of a fly or a human go about it? According to what basic principle? The details will of course be different for each organism. But perhaps, perhaps there is such a basic principle, such a code of universal value. Once that was discovered, we would have made an enormous leap forward.  

It would take us as far forward as Mendel's laws once took genetics." 


Source: Jonathan Weiter "Time, Love, Memory - In Search of the Origins of Behavior" published 2000,
Siedler Verlag, Berlin.

[1] The media consumer becomes a drug addict through his gene-programmed species-preserving program, with all the consequences and health damage accompanying drug use, since connections for negative information have been created in his neuronal network. Today we know from research on drugs that once the neural connections are created, the addiction is created by memory. Man gets, by the mental virus producing propaganda media, into a fourfold genetic trap.
[2] Good morning dear numbers, in the German news magazine "Der Spiegel" No.27/2002.
"Two research teams of the Max Planck Institute in Göttingen could now prove that synopses are formed in early brain development even without communication stimuli. Only in later development do
activation stimuli become indispensable." Source: Max Planck Institute Göttingen Atsushi Iriki of the University of Tokyo demonstrated through brain studies of primates after tool use that neurons reorganize to integrate the tool into the imagined world of one's own body. Source: University of Tokyo