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The organisational structures of the Fundacion Liedtke
The art collections "New Renaissance: i = E = MC2",
and "Sovereign", of the Fundacion Liedtke
as well as the
Sovereign Club for the realisation of the direct democracy

Sovereign is an unregistered club that helps to bring into being the national organisations of direct democracy.

Some proposals are envisaged for changes and their implementation in the first step as a working basis for changing the direction of a global ethical society for a new world, which must be adapted to the circumstances and requirements of each country.
Every member of the Club can submit proposals and voting questions for the election about which changes and admission to the election are then organised by the Sovereign Ambassadors and the General Secretaries of the Club in the country and the populations of the country concerned in the KI Wiki election question media procedure with fact-checking without parties or persons according to the election topics in the national language for the election.
The website is double-secured with pins. Cuckis are not set by us, the data is not sold but only used to promote peace and direct democracy development. All data of The Sovereign voters and Sovereign Club members remain reserved for peace and democracy projects only and are strictly confidential beyond that. The local, national and global election results are published online without names and personal data. Only the voter is able to control the cast vote with his encrypted mobile app his vote in the blockchain election statistics. The opensouce created blockchain election program of the Direct Democracy election app; will be posted and published online for inspection and control of the program structure.

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The Sovereign organisation is under construction

Apply to become an Ambassador or Secretary General of the Sovereign Organisation

Become an ambassador or secretary general of a Sovereign Organisation country if you want to work for a global direct democracy.
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